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CORIN® XLS Polyimide
CORIN® XLS Polyimide Powder MSDS
CORIN® XLS Technical Data Sheet

CORIN® XLS Polyimide

Product Description

CORIN® XLS Polyimide combines polyimide and nanocomposite technologies to deliver unsurpassed levels of optical clarity, oxidative stability, and stability to solar radiation. CORIN® XLS Polyimide received a prestigious R&D 100 Award in 2008, recognizing it as one of the most important inventions of the year.


CORIN® XLS Polyimide is a fluorinated polyimide nanocomposite that offers the highest atomic oxygen (AO) and oxygen plasma durability and highest light transmission of all the MSRS colorless polyimides, making it an ideal lightweight substitute material for glass used in space PV arrays in low earth orbit (LEO).

CORIN® XLS Polyimide exhibits a glass transition temperature in excess of 250 °C and can be used as a replacement for glass substrates in display applications.

CORIN® XLS Polyimide can be processed with organic solvents for spray, dip, or casting applications, as well as with hot isostatic press (HIP).


Continuous Rolls:

  • 0.25 mil, 0.5 mil, 1.0 mil standard thicknesses
  • Other thicknesses available upon request
  • Min roll length 150 ft

Sprayable Resin:

  • Low temperature (<100 °C) cure
  • Rapid solvent removal
  • Slower drying formulations
  • Custom formulations available upon request

Castable Resin:

  • Typical flow casting formulations
  • Custom formulations available upon request

Raw Powder:

  • Unmodified bulk powder
  • Solvent Soluble in MIBK, MEK, DMF, THF, others.

Optical Film:

  • 3 to 24 microns
  • Coating onto various substrates
  • Up to 1.5m diameter
  • Inquire for specific options.