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Conductive Black CP1 Technical Data Sheet

Conductive Black CP1 Polyimide

Product Description

Conductive Black CP1 Polyimide is filled with carbon nanoparticles to produce a conductive black polyimide material with lower RF loss than other black and conductive black polyimides. CP1 is a space-rated colorless polyimide material designed by NASA and further developed by NeXolve.


Conductive Black CP1 Polyimide exhibits very high optical density (>4) and light blocking.

Conductive Black CP1 Polyimide is useful in applications requiring static dissipation, as it exhibits ESD-level surface resistivity (10^5-10^9 ohms/sq).

Conductive Black CP1 polyimide exhibits high emissivity, surpassing 0.80 at 1 mil thickness. Additionally, it can be sprayed and cast into a variety of shapes, using low temperature curing for solvent removal.


Continuous Rolls:

  • 0.25 mil, 0.5 mil, 1.0 mil standard thicknesses
  • Other thicknesses available upon request
  • Min roll length 150 ft

Sprayable Resin:

  • Low temperature (<100 °C) cure
  • Rapid solvent removal
  • Slower drying formulations
  • Custom formulations available upon request

Castable Resin:

  • Typical flow casting formulations
  • Custom formulations available upon request

Raw Powder:

  • Unmodified bulk powder
  • Solvent Soluble in MIBK, MEK, DMF, THF, others.