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NeXolve Corporation, since its founding in 1970, has become a high performance materials provider to company providing advanced materials products to commercial and government customers worldwide. 

NeXolve manufactures and designs high performance polymer materials for electronics, display, and aerospace applications. These advanced polymer products are in a wide array of commercial uses, as well as ongoing  space and aeronautic flight use.

Our highly-trained technical staff and dedicated production personnel take pride in responding quickly to challenging customer material requirements and developing affordable solutions that can be implemented into our customer's existing production equipment. Most of the products listed on this site were originally designed or modified for specific demanding applications, and now find uses in other diverse applications.

  • Our headquarters in Huntsville, AL consists of these state of the art facilities:
  • Materials and Processes Production Plant (ISO 9001 materials production)
  • Materials Development Center (synthesis and formulations)
  • Materials Production Center (large-scale synthesis and formulation)
  • Film Production Facility (Class 1000 clean room)
  • Coating Facility (deposition of metallic coatings)
  • Characterization Laboratory (optical, thermal, mechanical characterization)
  • Laser Ablation Facility (Frequency selective surface (FSS) and RF-transparent metal coatings)
  • Spacecraft Assembly Facility (Class 10,000 clean room high bay)

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